Your dog pulls on a leash? Here are the consequences on his health …

From the beginning, your dog has an ugly habit of pulling his leash for a walk, as if his life depended on it. However, it is not a sled dog … Not only is it tiring for you, but it does not have to be really nice for him. But there is worse: this behavior can have, ultimately, serious consequences on his health. Here are which!

1.Neck lesions

When your dog pulls frantically on his leash, the first part of his body that suffers from this intense and repeated pressure is his neck. But the neck is a very sensitive place among our dog friends. The reason ? It contains many nerve endings as well as the airways.

Thus, by having your neck tightened by the collar, your dog can end up suffocating, literally. You may be able to hear him cough or breathe unusually loudly.

It is also for this reason that it is strongly recommended to privilege the wearing of the harness at the collar. Moreover, for the so-called “brachycephalic” dogs, that is to say with flattened faces, which are particularly prone to respiratory and ocular disorders. The pressure on the neck often spreads to the eyes. This can also lead to eye problems.

In addition to near-permanent choking, your dog may also be injured in his trachea. In this case, respiratory problems appear, even outside the walks. Note that limb paralysis and neurological problems can also be observed with permanent compression of the nerves of the neck.

Finally, skin irritations, wounds and allergies can also be observed on the skin of your dog’s neck if he tends to pull on a leash.
Good to know: the so-called “education” necklaces, such as strangler necklaces or anti-barking collars are to be banned absolutely. Not only can they seriously hurt your dog but they are not effective.

2.Hormonal disorders

The neck does not only shelter the airways, it also houses the hormonal glands, including the thyroid. The latter is very important for your dog because it plays a vital role in the proper functioning of his body. And for good reason, not only it regulates its body temperature but it also ensures the health of his coat or the proper functioning of his heart.

However, if the pressure around your dog’s neck also affects his hormonal glands, this can cause them to malfunction. Diseases such as hypothyroidism can then be triggered.

3.Back problems

The problem when your dog pulls on the leash is that it damages not only the neck and the eyes, but also the back. Indeed, the pressure exerted on its nerve endings and vertebrae can have adverse consequences on its spine.

Note that even if the harness reduces the risk of your dog having back problems, it is also not completely safe. The only way to avoid any health problems related to walking on a leash is to educate your dog on a leash!