Make a rabbit enclosure

Although there are inexpensive rabbit cages, many guardians choose to make the rabbit cage outdoors or the rabbit enclosure themselves, to make sure they have the best living conditions. They can also customize the space of their animal to make it larger, because sometimes a large rabbit cage can be expensive or difficult to find.

If you’ve adopted a rabbit and are thinking about making a homemade cage for him or want to make an enclosure for him, keep reading this Bright-Pets article to find out how to make a rabbit enclosure and cage, as well as everything your pet needs to be happy and live a long and healthy life, whether indoors or outdoors. You will also discover how to make a hutch to be a real DIY pro!

Making a rabbit cage: the necessary materials

Before creating your domestic rabbit cage, you should think about the materials to use. For this, you must think that making a rabbit cage must have a series of necessities and characteristics to meet the hygienic and vital conditions for your rabbit:

1. The cage must be weatherproof, in case you are creating a cage for a rabbit outside.
2. The rabbit cage should be easy to clean and resistant to humidity.
3. The cage should be large enough for your rabbit.

So the best materials for making a rabbit cage are:

  • Wood: for the structure.
  • Aluminum: to create the fences, for the base of the ground and if you want to make a hutch for the enclosure (which will be explained in the next paragraphs).
  • Plastic: ideal for the base of the floor or for creating roofs, such as canvas.

Make a rabbit cage according to the type of cage

There are several ways to create a rabbit cage. For example :

  • A cage with an enclosure
  • An indoor cage (if you live in an apartment)
  • A cage outside (if you live in a house)
  • A rabbit cage with open roof or closed roof
  • A cage with or without floor
  • A cage of one or more floors.

How to make a rabbit cage: step by step

There are many ways to make a rabbit cage. This is why at PlanèteAnimal we are going to give you the basics to create a rabbit cage in a simple way:

Materials for making a rabbit cage

  • Wooden planks for structure and contours
  • Metallic fabric or mesh
  • Plywood floor plates
  • Stainless steel hinges and padlocks

How to make a rabbit cage step by step?

1. First, take the measurements at home or in your garden and draw what you would like your rabbit cage to look like.
2. Choose the materials with which you will make your rabbit cage. We recommend that you use wood, wire mesh and, if possible, a hard plastic or metal base for the floor.
3. Cut custom materials. Remember that for a single rabbit, the cage must have a minimum space of 80 cm2.
4. Assemble your cage and fix the wire mesh to the wood using staples.
5. Finally, check that there is no cutting area where your pet could be injured.
Don’t forget to create a door to let your rabbit in and out. On the other hand, we recommend that the roof be removable, as this will facilitate the cleaning of the rabbit cage.

How to Make a Rabbit Enclosure – Step by Step

If you want to make a rabbit enclosure outdoors, another good, and perhaps simpler, way to do this is to build an enclosure with your own hands. However, if you are going to do this, keep in mind that your rabbit will need a lot of space to move around, so if your garden is small, we do not recommend this option.

Make a wooden rabbit enclosure step by step

To make a wooden rabbit enclosure, you can either opt for wooden fences, which are very easy to find and place, or build your own wooden fence :

1. Choose where you will put your rabbit enclosure and the measures it will take.
2. Mark the floor with objects to help you know the boundaries of your rabbit enclosure.
3. If you bought wooden fences, place them following the limits you had marked and nail them well to the ground so that your rabbit does not escape.
4. Finally, cover the soil, if desired, with hay or other soft, chewable material. The ideal is hay for rabbits.
Another option, as we will see later, is to use wire and wood to create our rabbit enclosure.

Build a metal rabbit enclosure step by step

In the case of the manufacture of a rabbit enclosure with metal wire, we advise you to use wooden beams or similar to delimit the enclosure and that the metal wire can be well maintained.

1. As in the previous case, choose the location of the enclosure for your rabbit.
2. Place the wooden beams or sticks that will be used to hold the wire and nail them to the ground. Make sure they are securely attached and do not fall.
3. Then surround the woods with the wire mesh and fix them to the wood with clamps or staples.
4. Finally, make sure everything is closed so that your rabbit does not escape.

In this case as in the previous case, consider creating a door. To do this, you can help yourself with hinges that you can easily find in any hardware store.

Making a rabbit enclosure and cage: PRECAUTIONS

In addition to the dimensions of your garden, it is also important to take the following into account before making an enclosure or a rabbit cage, especially if the cage or enclosure is outside:

1. The height of the rabbit cage: Make sure that the enclosure is high enough so that your rabbit cannot escape. Rabbits are able to jump too high, so if your enclosure is not high enough, your rabbit could escape. He could also hurt himself while trying to escape from the enclosure.
2. Rain: Weather conditions can be a serious problem for your pet, especially rain. If your pen or cage does not have an insulated roof, make sure there is a rabbit cage or similar place inside the pen where your rabbit can protect themselves from the rain. To avoid this, an option would be to place a plastic sheet over the rabbit enclosure, holding the corners with staples, if the rabbit enclosure is made of wood, or with strings, if it is made of metal wire.
3. The sun: although the sun is good and necessary for rabbit hair, the direct and constant sun is not. This way, you need to make sure that your rabbit has a shaded place in its enclosure to take refuge, such as a nest or a rabbit house. Remember that heatstroke in rabbits can kill them.
4. The material: Another thing to keep in mind is the material with which you make your pen or your rabbit cage. If it is made entirely of wood, two things can happen over time: your rabbit bites and escapes, or the rain moistens and rots your rabbit enclosure. This is why it is very important to have good construction materials and on top of that it is safe for your animal before building the enclosure or the cage for rabbits, in particular for a cage or enclosure outside.
5. The base: It is also advisable to fix the base of the enclosure or the cage well, because if the fence or the wood is very flush with the surface, your rabbit could dig and escape, especially if the base is just dirt.

How to take care of a rabbit

In addition to a cage and a pen, the rabbit needs a series of care and toys to live a happy and healthy life. For example, in its cage, it is very important to provide your rabbit with:

  • A house or a nest to shelter
  • A pipette or a drinker
  • An abundance of hay
  • Food bowl
  • Fresh green leafy vegetables
  • Corner for his needs
  • Wood to be able to gnaw