How to keep the cat away from the Christmas tree?

he end of year celebrations are approaching, and with them time to set up the Christmas tree and decorate it. But this family moment that you love so much is synonymous with difficulties for many cat tutors: these playful and playful creatures love to climb on your Christmas tree and ransack it.

To prevent this long-awaited moment from turning into a nightmare because of these acrobatic felines, Bright-pets offers you a series of tips to keep the cat away from the Christmas tree.

Continue reading this article to know our proposals and good luck especially !


1.  The first step to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree will be to choose the type of tree that is best suited for you and for HIM.

Between a real fir tree and a synthetic one, the second will perhaps be the safest option: its needles are less sharp than those of a natural fir tree and you can choose a small one, which allows to limit the damage in case fall.

Prefer a tree with a very firm and solid base so that it remains as stable as possible if your cat decides to jump on it. If you still choose a natural tree, be aware that your cat could be poisoned by drinking water from the tree and avoid at all costs using fertilizers or products that may be harmful to the animal.

We do not recommend opting for large trees. In fact, if your cat climbs it despite your efforts to prevent it, the damage would be greater.


  2.  Then try to place the tree in the best place to prevent your cat from climbing it. Position it in an open area surrounded by space, with no objects or furniture nearby from which your cat could jump on it.

Ideally, the tree should be attached to the ceiling or wall to provide greater stability and prevent it from falling easily. If possible, close the room where the tree is kept overnight or when no one is present to watch the animal.

After placing the tree, let your cat approach it and satisfy his curiosity, but if he seems to want to jump on it, dissuade him. For this, a good idea would be to have a spray filled with water: if your pet pretends to climb the tree, spray it and say “no” in a firm tone. Once watered many times for trying to climb it, he will surely understand that the Christmas tree is not a fun toy.

3. Now that the tree is in place, cover its base with aluminum foil. The latter has a repellent effect for cats, which hates its texture and the sensation of planting its claws. In this way, you will prevent him from walking on the base to climb the tree. In addition, aluminum prevents the animal from urinating on the base.

      4.  It is already time to choose the decorations for your tree. First of all, avoid decorations that are too attractive for your cat, such as those that hang down a lot, that spin or that make noise. It is also best to avoid electric garlands, which attract the attention of cats enormously and could be very dangerous for them. Also avoid decorations filled with catnip (Nepeta cataria), very dangerous for your cat’s health, and watch out for edible decorations: chocolate is toxic to these animals.

Instead, use large, unbreakable fabric ornaments or decorations to prevent your cat from swallowing them, such as dolls or large balls. After putting the tree in place, let your cat get used to it for a few days before adding the decorations.

If you still have doubts about Christmas decorations and the safety of your cat, visit the article on Christmas decorations dangerous for pets.

      5.   Now comes the fun time to decorate your tree. If possible, avoid doing it in the presence of your cat: seeing you manipulate the decorations would considerably arouse his interest and he would take them for toys.

In addition, we advise you not to decorate the lower third of the tree, the part being at eye level with the animal: if he sees no decoration, his curiosity and interest in the tree will decrease, same as the probability that he jumps on the Christmas tree.

6. In conclusion, to prevent your tree from ending up on the ground or in a … chapin, here is what to do:

Favor synthetic trees
Attach the tree to the ceiling or wall
Cover its base with aluminum foil: cats hate it
Avoid decorations that hang too much or make a lot of noise
Do not decorate the lower third of the tree: at eye level with the cat.