How do I know if my guinea pig loves me?

Maybe you know it as a guinea pig or maybe you know it as a guinea pig, what is certain is that Cavia porcellus is most certainly the most popular rodent as an animal domestic because it is tender, affectionate and easy to care for.

Native to South America, it is an herbivorous mammal that reproduces extremely quickly. Currently, it is one of the most domesticated animals. However, it is not always easy to know when he is comfortable with you. So at Bright-pets we will teach you to detect which will allow you to answer the question: how to know if my guinea pig loves me?

General character of guinea pigs

First, you should know that this species does not have the behavior you would expect from a dog. Guinea pigs are a little more reserved and fearful. It is for this reason that at the slightest noise or the slightest sudden movement, they will immediately seek a place to take refuge.

If you think your guinea pig doesn’t like you because no matter how much you try to grab and give him affection, he will try to run away from your warm hands, don’t worry, it is perhaps a characteristic feature of his personality. So how do you know if your guinea pig loves you?

In the rest of our article How to know if my guinea pig loves me we give you 5 to which you must be particularly attentive:

1. He bites your shoes or your toes

It is one of the most common behaviors that shows that your little one loves and appreciates you. When he reaches this level of confidence, snacking is a way of showing love or asking for food. If you’ve adopted one recently and you find it to be distant, and no matter how much you try to pet or pamper it it avoids you, you need to change the way you do it.

First, it is normal for the animal to be a little scared, because it is a completely different and new environment for him, where the smells, the environment and the people are new to him. To correct this and help him be more confident, it is necessary that you leave the cage open, in this way he will begin to explore his new home and discover his new environment. You will see that after a while, your guinea pig will start to approach you.

2. He lets himself be caught

As the guinea pig is an extremely fearful and nervous animal, if it lets itself be caught, it means that it has enough confidence in you and that it considers you as a figure of protection and affection. It is very important that you do not rush to try to wear it, because if it does not feel safe, it will try to escape and take refuge away from you.

If you observe that he is reluctant in your presence, do not force him to be near you, allow him time to adapt. This does not mean that you should no longer pay attention to it, but it will be necessary that you do so in a more discreet manner, by checking, for example, that there is always food and fresh water available. disposition. With patience, little by little he will approach you until he lets himself be carried without problem, showing you at the same time how much he loves you.

3. He eats you in the hand

It is normal that at the beginning your guinea pig does not eat you in the hand, this refusal is due to the fearful and timid character of these small mammals. However, for your guinea pig to eat in your hand, you will only need a little patience. At the start, we therefore recommend that you start by feeding him by leaving the food in a bowl, so that he can freely decide when he will want to eat. Over time, approach him with food and try to make him take it by the palm of your hand, you will see that from the moment he feels confident with you, he will not hesitate a single second to eat what you are holding in your hands.

Keep in mind that these are herbivorous animals, so the presence of fiber in their diet is more than important, you can also feed them on grass and hay, in addition to fruits and vegetables, know whenever oranges are known to be their favorite fruit.

4. He likes to be with you

How do you know your guinea pig loves you and appreciates your company? It’s simpler than you might think. All you have to do is pay attention to his behavior. In this sense, if you perceive that your furry wants to be with you, if he always pursues you in the house, he stays with you and allows you to pet him, these are signs which indicate that he loves you, he love and appreciate your company.

Another way to find out is to speak to him, because although he cannot answer you, he will pay attention to you and he will stare at you as soon as you speak to him. So, the more you pay attention to your guinea pig, the more you will notice the love he has for you.

5. It doesn’t bite you

Bites are usually the form of defense for guinea pigs, and this may be normal behavior in specimens that have just arrived at your home. However, over time, these bites turn into small licks or sucks, which is one of his techniques to show you all the affection he has for you.

Despite this, during the heat phase, it is normal for it to become a little more fierce, which is why you do not have to worry if you observe that it bites you during this period.