Do dogs dream?

You may have already wondered if dogs dream while they sleep. It is not uncommon to see them move their legs or listen to them blow, and this obviously suggests a positive answer to the question of whether dogs dream?

Obviously, dogs dream, as we do or as other mammal species do, but to push the subject a little further, we explain here some curiosities and other details on dog dreams, hoping that you will enjoy.

Dogs dream when they sleep

As is the case with humans, the dog also reaches a stage called REM sleep. During this phase of rapid eye movement, the body is inactive, but the neurons are working and that means dogs are dreaming.

This sleep phase allows any animal to fix their experiences in their brains and helps them remember what they did during the day.

Obviously no one can say categorically what a dog’s exact dreams are, but if you analyze his brain with brain activity you can see that his electroencephalogram is very similar to that of humans.

Do they have nightmares?

By following the model of the behavior of the human brain during REM sleep, you can determine how the dog dreams of experiences he has had during the day or with others. Therefore, if your dog suffers from a negative (but normal) experience at some point in his life, he may dream of it and be afraid, trembling and even frightened.

You should not wake him up during his nightmare to avoid shock or redirected bite. If you find that your dog has nightmares too often and in an unusual way, we recommend that you consult a specialist to rule out any health problems.