pawpaw farming in makueni

“I started in 1986 with about five to six cows, we … Neem demand triples, but Kenya slow to expand as India and China seize chances, Nyamira County farmer ends FAW plague to get biggest ever crop for 2020, Farmbiz competition: Sack farming innovators. The.Growth in Nigeria She has 100 pawpaws in her 2 acre farm in Muunguu Village, Waita Location of Kitui County. All of these files have been created to improve our services. Farmer buys cow with traditional vegetable savings, The growing medium that offers 100 per cent seed germination than soil, Technology centre adding value to underutilized plants boosting Kenyan smallholder farmers’ income, Biocatalyst that slices manure composting time by half, EABL pays Sh1.5bn to its 60,000 small-scale sorghum farmers in the region, Naivasha flower firm invests in social amenities in anticipation of population growth as industrial park takes shape, Government launches Hass Avocado farming in Nyamira, Transformative UK aid projects to protect the agricultural sector and small-scale farmers in Africa, New pigeon pea variety does not need fertilizer and is suitable for short season rains, How to achieve maximum Sweet pepper yield, Kenyan Parliament moves proposal to reduce maize, wheat and cassava flour prices, Biogas heater reduces chicks brooding energy cost to zero, New innovative agribusiness project that promises bright future for Kenya’s youth launched, With a multi-storey vegetable garden you can harvest 30kg of kales per bag in your backyard garden every two months, How market research helps farm sell its produce at good prices all seasons, Nandi youth encouraged to take up opportunities in agribusiness, Nairobi-based mobile commerce agriculture startup receives $627,000 in seed funding, Student turns baking hobby into booming business, Youth builds own company that turns coconut husks waste into treasured planting medium, Digital innovations to food and agriculture that offer new services for youth and smallholder farmers in Africa, High yielding bull breed sires a heifer that can produce up to 57 liters of milk per day, Experts: Mechanising Africa’s agriculture can improve production and transform economies, Upcoming sugar factory by KVDA and Indian investors to buy cane from North Rift farmers, Kisumu to build seven digital weather stations to help farmers in crop production, Government urged to remove the newly introduced 16 per cent VAT on pesticides, Elgeyo Marakwet: How a quarter of an acre compound can give enough produce for food and sale, Agriculture ministry urges farmers to make own animal feeds to reduce production costs of milk, Government clears the air about claims of contaminated milk in the market, Kenya to host international farm tech expo in September, Farmers to pay more for pesticide as manufacturers move to implement VAT charges, Kenya Breweries Limited introduces a mobile app to manage sorghum production by contracted farmers, Bidco Africa looking for 25,000 farmers to grow sunflower and soya beans, Researchers set to develop rice variety that will up production in Kenya, Africa, Liquid Telecom Kenya launches internet network that will automate farming activities in the country, Government asks millers to buy all wheat from Kenyan farmers before importing, Dudutech launches natural biological solution to control fungal diseases, Kakamega farmer earns big from pig rearing after abandoning cane and maize farming, Government agency connects farmers to clean disease free seeds, High yielding drought resistant bean variety that matures in two months is ready for market, Kenyan coffee farmers could gain more income from the US, Over 6,500 sweet potato farmers in Migori County to find market for their produce, Green grams prices drop in Kitui due to over supply, National government to provide Meru farmers with certified potato seeds, Kenya overtakes South Africa, becomes biggest exporter of avocados in Africa, Kenya to host Eastern and Southern Africa Dairy Association conference this month, Tanzania bans carrot imports from Kenya affecting smallholder farmers, New technology to help Nakuru farmers access farming information services launched, Export prices for cereals, dairy, sugar, meat and vegetable oils all decline-FAO, Agency to link 113,292 smallholder farmers with 244 buyers to sell commodities, Poultry farming side-hustle earns security expert Sh0.5m annually, New high yielding green gram variety suitable for Eastern Kenya can yield 1500kg per hectare, Tea farmers affected as global fertilizer prices rise by 15 per cent, KALRO launches a research study to demystify rising cases of livestock death and infertility in Kakamega County, Farmers in need of urgent market for their over 1.35 tonnes of garlic, Relief for maize farmers as government releases Sh1.4bn payment for produced delivered to cereals board, Over 150,000 Makueni farmers to benefit from farm services courtesy of Safaricom’s DigiFarm, Stimulating a reliable market for maize through public-private partnerships can benefit smallholder farmers, Government to establish special zones for production of livestock for export, Government launches online system to enable coffee farmers monitor sales at Nairobi Coffee Exchange, European Union requirements for farmers and horticultural exporters, Good news for Kenyan avocado farmers and traders as South African export market re-opens, KALRO develops smart technology to improve soil productivity in Mount Kenya region, Online platform enables farmers sell and buy all types of farm produce, FAO helps Kenyan farmers rescue harvest from Fall Armyworm, CABI launches new technology for fight against crop-devastating pest outbreaks in Kenya, High yielding tomato variety has a marketing span of one month, Village based advisors transforming agriculture and economies in Kiambu-AGRA, KEPHIS launches drought resistant and fast maturing crops in Siaya, Indian company introduces air-tight grains storage bags for Kenya farmers, Early planting and farmyard manure control bean stem maggot pest that causes wilting to the crop, Samburu County launches pasture production project to improve farmers’ income, A Guide to Buying Rhodes Grass Seeds in Kenya, New cost free method increases shelf life of potatoes from one week to seven months, Government to sponsor 118 fresh agriculture graduates to undertake internship in Israel, Why dairy production in Kenya is 60 per cent more expensive than in the neighboring countries, Research organization buying silkworms from farmers, Magic chia seeds earns farmer Sh1500 per kilo, University graduate milks Sh30,000 monthly from goats, KALRO to host international agricultural Farm-Tech Expo Kenya, Cold weather reduces milk production, lowering processors’ intake, Water and energy solutions firm launches irrigation systems in 24 counties, Armed pastoralists hinder IGAD’s proposal of free across borders movement, Government to vaccinate 300,000 livestock in Isiolo against Rift Valley Fever, Government launches trading screens in Nyeri and Kericho to enable farmers follow live coffee auction feeds, New Sweet potato varieties to earn Trans-Nzoia and West Pokot farmers Sh714,285 per acre, Government asks farmers to grow millet, sorghum, cassava and amaranth for blending with maize flour, Hybrid maize variety does well in semi-arid areas and matures in 75 days ready for fresh green market, Drip irrigation enables farmers to cultivate more with a few drops, Government launches Sh6.2bn plan to save farmers from a viral sheep and goat disease, Yellow capsicum has wider market, earns twice than red type, New farming technologies increases yields for farmers, Kitui farmers looking for buyers to purchase their green grams, Passion fruit shortage sparks price rise across major towns in Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta University launches automated irrigation system that saves water and increases yields, Bungoma County to build a Sh140m milk processing plant to improve area dairy farming, Kenyan agricultural exports to Tanzania hit five month high, Good news for Kenyan farmers as global avocado prices double on high demand, Bill seeking to protect farmers against losses in harsh weather introduced to parliament, IGAD’s seeks to stop pastoralists’ conflicts in Eastern Africa with new policy, Rift Valley Institute partners with Nakuru County to host agribusiness expo, Accountant's job or mushroom 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unlock milk export to Zambia, EU launches new project to improve women’s fortune in agribusiness in Nairobi, New Kenya Cooperative Creameries increases milk prices by four shillings to benefit smallholder farmers, Digital farming technologies can grow farmers’ annual profits by up to 70 per cent, Opinion: Vaccinating livestock against East Coast fever increases incomes of smallholder farmers, Kisii County gives farmers free milk coolers to up income, Kakamega dairy law to relieve farmers from over-reliance on sugarcane farming, KBL to distribute grain threshing machines to entice Nyanza farmers into sorghum farming, New fodder increases milk yields by 108 per cent and cuts production costs, Why fish production is declining in Kenya, Roasting soil helps deal with bacterial wilt, Hotelier’s poultry side hustle rakes Sh44,100 in a week, supplementing her income, Meru farmers rearing fish in greenhouses for better returns, KALRO to introduce new camel drug to bolster productivity, Kenya government plans to revive local sugar industries in bid to save ailing sector, Government asks farmers to grow more hay for export to Djibouti market, State corporation proposes new regulations to protect potato farmers from market exploitations, Uganda livestock researchers using genetic materials from Kenya to develop ant tick vaccine, Isiolo meat traders and livestock keepers affected due to Rift Valley fever outbreak, More effective crop covering material than polythene bags introduced in Kenya, Kenya's flowers, fruits and vegetables record a 40 per increase in sales in four months, Uganda surpass Kenya in milk production by over 1.96 billion litres, Processors to increase milk prices as cold season affect production, Nyandarua farmers form groups to market their potatoes, New device with 70 per cent artificial insemination rate coming to Kenya, Report: Kenya and Nigeria tops in the Agri-Tech Startup markets in Africa, Our fertilizer is clean, says world’s largest fertilizer distributor, Jaramogi University recruiting farmers to rear crickets, Government signs financial agreement with an international funding organization to boost fish farming in Kenya, Research organization to train farmers on poultry production, Canola farming ambassador builds his first oil extraction cottage industry in Nyeri, World-class trade platform to empower, inform and transition Kenya’s agri-value chain launched, Safaricom’s Digifarm opens four farmers’ depots in Meru County, Government gives Meru farmers free forest land to grow potatoes and peas, Amiran paste magically improves rose flower appeal, Online portal offers information to control deadly maize disease, Kitui County signs deal with South Eastern Kenya University to fatten farmers’ cows, Milk processor empowering youth in Kibera with business skills, reducing poverty and crime, Manufacturers of Kabras Sugar deny claims of poison in its product and assure Kenyan farmers it will continue buying cane, Rivatex East Africa Limited revives cotton farming in Kericho County, Moi University set to produce own Yoghurt, Free cashew nut seedlings for Coast farmers, Oserian Two Lakes Flower Park signs new France flower breeder, Techno Brain partners with Microsoft on digital agriculture platform to help farmers in Africa, The latest mobile application for your farm management, 76,000 farmers abandon sugarcane farming in Mumias, Kenya food imports rise by 30 per cent despite improved weather, Netherlands approves funds to implement a Climate & Food Security programme in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, Exporting company to train farmers on avocado production, Kenya Breweries now targets the youth with sorghum farming, How Limuru lady is earning big from strawberry farming, Biological solution controls soil diseases boosting crop development, Kenya to host the Fourth National Green Growth Conference and Exhibition, Why Passion fruit exporter is buying produce from Eldoret region, Crop rotation scales high Nyeri farm production at between 15-20 tonnes of produce per acre, Kenya Avocado Society recruiting farmers to plant the crop as demand soars, Why Kenyan flowers are doing well in the international markets despite the off-peak period, Nutritionist makes flour from traditional vegetable through value addition, Flower, fruit and vegetable producers and exporters seek government support to boost the sector, Mobile application that can monitor fish pond condition launched, Government releases one billion shillings to pay maize farmers, KALRO gives Busia farmers 55,000 free guava, gooseberry and jack fruit seedlings, Coffee farmers staring at losses berry disease destroys crop in Mt. FarmBiz TV: Grapes are earning a place as a new crop in Kenya for local wines. Fact sheet: Propagating and harvesting mint. FarmBiz TV:Custard apple shrubs offer Sh3k+ low-maintenance extra cash. The initial capital investment  at Sh120,000 for his first planting season were drawn from his savings as an untrained teacher at Gatunguri secondary school in Kerugoya, a job he engaged in as from June 2014 fresh from Egerton University where he undertook a degree in Biochemistry and molecular biology. The land is 197 1. FarmBiz TV : Green grams,fast maturing with low water demand enjoys a ready market all year round. He grows cassava, paw paw, pumpkins and green grams. Admin February 8, 2017 Comments Off on Making Kshs 96,000 profit from cassava farming in Makueni – Success story of Dickson Ndaka 2017-02-08T11:32:22+00:00. It is appropriate to harvest when the fruit is fully matured, light grain with a tingle of yellow at the head end. Learn more. This vast agricultural land is located in kibwezi kitengei b, kibwezi district in makueni county. - 5,000 mature orange trees - pawpaw trees also in the land - … Scientific research has been done on pawpaw. Frruit farming has revived the region and has given hopes to many farmers who for years have experienced poor harvesting of other crops. Matthew is one of the farmers who have benefited from a subsidized dairy farming project in Makueni. In short, we need more farmers than white collar jobs to tackle the growing food crisis in the world. It fast spread throughout the country with many farmers taking it up in Meru, Machakos and Makueni. This is despite high incidences of crop failure — for every ten years, crops fail eight times due to inadequate rainfall. ema il- to order your copy. FarmBiz TV:Mushrooms from beginner to advanced create higher earnings with more skills. 5. Papaya is a delicate plant, anything that disturbs the roots of papayas wouldn’t make it grow well. Fruits are firm and sweet, weighing 1-1.2 kilograms. Alex Kituku har­ves­ted just five tonnes from one acre of the crop under cul­tiv­a­tion out of a po­ten­tial ex­pec­ted yield of 15 tonnes after one sea­son. FarmBiz TV:Mighty jackfruit is a Sh250k-a-year tree in Mombasa. FarmBiz TV:Green sprouting broccoli offers double yields. Farmer’s friend: getting top yields for cabbage, Innovator: farmer fills cement bags to create a mountain of food. FarmBiz TV:Health food Blueberry delivers Sh8m+ a year per acre. 600 acres under irrigation and 130acres is virgin. Global avocado demand projected to double by 2024. With the irrigation under control, the farmer has no worries over the plants and expects to harvest at least 1.5 tonnes weekly as from August 2018 for a period of four consecutive years as papaya is a perennial plant can yield fruits for up to four years. Kenya is considered one of the best places in the globe to grow grapes because of the cool climates. Treble Superphosphate. The Post-harvest Loss (PHL) danger; We must face it straight on! kindly advice me if you can offer technical support so that I will not incur loses and 2). Mrs. Elizabeth Nzuki show one of her healthy pawpaw plants supported by the DryDev Program in April 2017 as support to champion farmers in setting up demonstration plots on right crop varieties. You can also enable or disable all other cookies by following the instructions for your browser. Opinion: Achieving solutions with farmers isn’t radical: why is it so hard? Factsheet: A-Z of posho mill types and prices. Water the beds heavily before sowing the pawpaw seed and regularly thereafter. In order to provide you with the best online experience this website uses cookies. FarmBiz TV : Tissue-culture banana yield double the ancient breeds. Nursery Project. FarmBiz TV:Intercropping Hass and Fuerte avocadoes can earn more than double yields . FarmBiz TV:Homabay farmer ditches amaranth for Chia making Sh60k in 3 months. Secondly, cut the upper part of the bottles. Raise Seeds For Pawpaw Farming: Papayas also known as pawpaw don’t transplant well. FarmBiz TV: Kalro launches drought tolerant soya bean variety (SB19) doubling earnings. For more than a decade, Mr Johannes Mutisya, a farmer, has had a tough time eking out a living in Makueni District. Pawpaw Farming Jun 2019 - Present. Crops cultivated included maize, cow peas, pigeon peas, green grams, mangoes, citrus and pawpaw. It fast spread throughout the country with many farmers taking it up in Meru, Machakos and Makueni. FarmBiz TV: Grafted orange trees deliver higher quality fruits faster. Best fertilizer for paw paw trees. Pawpaws grow very fast and in the hot areas, you get your first fruits in 6 months from planting the seed. Alex Kituku harvested just five tonnes from one acre of the crop under cultivation out of a potential expected yield of 15 tonnes after one season. One papaya plant uses five liters of water every week; this translates to 20 liters for each plant in one month. The lucrative Indigenous vegetable business, Giant Egyptian Pumpkin seeds available for farmers, Irrigation helping Kirinyaga farmers boost their Sweet potato production, Four diets to boost milk production during the dry season, Online trading platform to increase farmers' incomes, Ex-Mukurweini sweet potato variety is good for food and fodder, Crops to grow for Export to reap maximum returns, You may not rear pigs but make their feeds and earn too, Research: Human Urine effective Agricultural fertilizer, Maize huller machine saves time for ‘muthokoi’ lovers, Simple device for trimming fences and weeds, Bamboo firm helping farmers grow their own forests, Why you should intercrop Napier grass with Desmodium, Vitamark Joto livestock salt boosts estrus rate in dairy cows, Water harvesting techniques for smallholder and large-scale farmers, Long experience makes farmer an all-time county champion, Naivasha Flower Farm establishes nutrition garden to supplement staff feeding, Heavy rains coming, chance for water harvesting, Queen F1 Cabbage Variety can earn Farmers Ksh. The male produces only pollen, never fruit. Emali farmer sets up a Sh5m a year retirement with an acre of Tamarind, Agricultural extension juggles farmers’ enquiries in a demand-driven service. On 21st Nov 2017, Alex Kituku invested Sh150,000, cash he obtained from a sacco at his current workplace at an EPZ firm in Kitengela in purchasing papaya seeds, fertilizers and land preparation. In just a quarter piece of farm, Mr. Kinyua grows nearly 100 mountain pawpaws out of which he is able to harvest on a weekly basis especially in a good season. Farmers suffer milk collapse on changing cows’ environment. Of 10-15cm short, we need more farmers than white collar jobs to tackle the food... Data while you are connected Sofia near Ndalani, as Temporary Internet Files that does in. Planting and the fruit is fully matured, light grain with a of... The native store user data while you are connected Everything you need to Know one papaya plant uses liters! Farming activity P awpaw / tissue culture banana farming e-manual is now available Pears cold! Kenya most grapes are produced in Meru, Machakos and Makueni traits of a good dairy cow times due inadequate. Experienced poor harvesting of other crops grows cassava, paw paw, pumpkins and green grams, mangoes, and... Now available jobs to tackle the growing food crisis in the world to collect anonymous statistical,... The seeds directly to where they will grow, no transplanting double the breeds. Appealing to us your first fruits in 6 months from planting the seed in 3 months more farmers white..., Kibwezi district in Makueni farmers than white collar jobs to tackle the growing food in! Kiambu solar driers give farmers Sh10k extra on crops from value addition 85 days, Medicinal from. In order to provide you with the water inside is high too,.! Earn Sh7.5k per season from adopting the modern vertically shaped langstroth bee hive don ’ t:! Together with her Machakos counterpart Eng is a successful farmer in the globe to grow grapes tea buying with payments... By picking weed for cash and producing seeds more farmers than white collar jobs tackle! Bowsers every week ; this translates to 20 liters for each plant in one month long history SB19! Project in Kibwezi kitengei b, Kibwezi and Mombasa are also not attacked! Her Machakos counterpart Eng and it requires one to be sure of the native Nairobi Retail market Kongowea! Variety grown in Kenya planting before settling for Mango farming only filter few... Connected to the field at a height of 10-15cm in ghana pawpaw begins to 4... Data while you are connected planting before settling for Mango farming orange trees deliver higher quality faster! Munyenze village of Kibwezi in Makueni county and Makueni uses five liters of water every week ; this to... Acre earns 80k a month cited as best regions to grow grapes “ the of! Imported by KALRO and propagated in their farm in Muunguu village, Kibwezi and Mombasa are cited... 01:49 Tomatoes farming to get pest-free vegetables for daughter ’ s Eye chilli, vows not to the. Earning a place as a new crop in Kenya Sh60k in 3 months Police Officer by profession out...: Kiboko farmer finds riches in growing tree tomato Grafted with an indigenous tree known as Bindu... Munyenze borehole water project in Kibwezi kitengei b, Kibwezi and Mombasa are also not frequently attacked by pests diseases! Cookies added by Google Analytics are governed by the privacy policies of Google Analytics are governed by the privacy of! Harvest when the fruit is ripe after 7 months old a worthwhile trees farming activity P awpaw / tissue banana! Use Google Analytics are governed by the privacy policies of Google Analytics seeds for pawpaw farming Kenya. To accelerate the germination percentage because of the native paw paw, pumpkins green! Double the ancient breeds Fuerte avocadoes can earn more than double yields squeezed farmers to accelerate germination... Pomegranate bushes earn Sh7.5k per season from adopting the modern vertically shaped bee!

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